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No employee should

ever struggle alone.

TalkLife Connect is the solution to workplace mental health that recognises the realities of employers and employees in the 21st Century. Help your employees be the best versions of themselves. 

Powered by the world's leading mental health support network TalkLife.

What is TalkLife Connect?

A mental health service for people in work, built on clinical expertise providing a place for your employees to get 24/7 ongoing support. An anonymous, private and confidential online space where employees can start to listen or talk to others. 

This method of peer support is clinically evidenced to have a positive ongoing impact on mental health, and when combined with our engaging platform it offers a service that people want to use and that makes a difference when it matters the most.  

A global community just for employees to share their struggles and talk to like minded people across the globe supported by sophisticated machine learning that identifies, supports and escalates anyone at risk in seconds. 



When an employee is struggling we intervene. We connect your employees with relevant people to create a network for them that is safe, encouraging and engaging.


Action & Tech

Cutting edge AI machine learning built with MIT and Harvard allows for early identification of those that are struggling and may be heading towards crisis. 



Built specifically and solely for all of your employees. Always accessible in app, via smartphone, whatever time of day, whether travelling for work, at home or on a train. 


End To End

Users will be signposted to the level of support most appropriate for their needs, from information, to links to welll-being initiatives, EAPs and even 24/7 crisis support. 



Conversations are protected by class-leading technologies that keep your employees safe and secure. Professionally moderated and clinically governed by the world's best minds in mental health. 



Understand the wellbeing of your employees with real time, open reporting back to you to help you track your ROI.


The need

Failure to acknowledge an employee's mental health can hurt productivity, professional relationships, and the bottom line. $17-$44 billion is lost to depression each year whereas $4 is returned to the economy for every $1 spent caring for people with mental health issues. 

Unfortunately it is often hard to know who is struggling and needs support. Research on 'burn out' suggests it is often the most conscientious employees, struggling to keep on top of their work, that get the most stressed and then struggle. 

TalkLife Connect can spot that and support them early making a huge difference to them and your company creating a healthier, happier and more productive workplace. 


“TalkLife Connect is providing a revolutionary way to reach employees who are not engaging with existing services. It’s critical that we do more to reach people who are outside of the existing frameworks and connect them with relevant, timely support.”

Professor Matthew Nock

Department of Psychology
Harvard University

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Research Partners

Integral to our mission is our commitment to furthering research and the understanding of mental health and wellbeing.


We believe that research is critical to the creation of impactful and relevant support options and that much is still unknown about the intersection of nonsuicidal self injury and suicidal self injury behaviours and the internet.


We work with a number of world leading researchers undertaking key research questions to further the evidence base in this field whilst also having tangible practical application and impact.

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